Aquatic Sensor Network Technology (AquaSeNT) is a marine sensor and communication technology firm founded by leading researchers from the University of Connecticut. AquaSeNT’s mission is to create breakthrough advancements in underwater wireless communication technology and to deliver practical solutions to the challenges of subsea operations, asset integrity monitoring, and data harvesting.

The company executes this mission through a focused research program that explores the physics of underwater acoustics, incorporates the latest techniques of communication engineering, and then capitalizes on this knowhow by developing and validating new subsea hardware and system designs that demonstrate superior and reliable performance. Located in close proximity to the University of Connecticut, AquaSeNT benefits from the expertise of faculty in UConn’s School of Engineering. A group of researchers from computer sciences and electrical engineering work in parallel with AquaSeNT, developing new algorithms to improve data encoding and underwater communication protocols. Using AquaSeNT modems, a platform has been built in UConn's Underwater Sensor Network Lab to facilitate research in acoustic communications and networking. A 4-node Ocean-Tune buoy network is being deployed in 70m water depth and runs 24/7/365. As new software or algorithm is developed in the lab, it can be remotely downloaded and tested on the network deployed in the field. Trials are also run cooperatively with the researchers in Mechanical Engineering, who have embedded AquaSeNT systems on an AUV to explore new techniques in command and control and asset health monitoring.

AquaSeNT is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in underwater sensor and communication technology.  The company’s academic founders collaborate extensively with researchers at other universities around the world, and partner with select institutions and industry to create solutions that bring demonstrable improvement in subsea wireless communication systems. AquaSeNT is proud to participate in UConn’s NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on Smart Ocean Technology and through this network is able to partner with a network of hardware and service providers that extend the company’s capability to serve customers globally.  Participating in this groundbreaking research is enabling AquaSeNT to achieve its vision of creating the most effective and efficient underwater wireless communication networks and deploying them to the benefit of oceanographers and industry.