Job Title: Senior Electronic Engineer

Duties include: Development of acoustic modems & buoy systems. Analyzes & processes field recorded acoustic data. Designs print circuit boards (PCBs) including analog signal conditioning, A/D conversion & digital signal processing used in acoustic modems; PCB design using Cadence tools, inkling schematic & layout to maximize power efficiency. Develops driver & appl. programming in C language on DSP/ARM platform for embedded products w/resource-limited run-time environments.

Minimal requirements: MS electronic engineering; 2 yrs. exp. as electronics engineer w/exp. in: PCB layout & schematic design; Cadence tool suite (Capture or Design Entry CIS, Allegro PCB Designer); Designing high density boards that incorporate microprocessors; DDR2 & DDR3 memory & peripherals, include. layout exp. w/BGA parts; board layout involving comm. protocols (Ethernet, USB, 12C, etc.); Power-efficient design; DSP-based devices (processes, threads, scheduling, synchronization mechanisms, memory management); microprocessors & associated architectures (Address/Data buses, Memory addressing & management, peripheral connections, programming instructions sets); Mixed signal/digital exp., (ADC/DAC, analog filter & amplifier); Use of code development tools (emulators, trace, version control, compilers & linkers); and Device noise & small signal amplifying. Reqs. proficiency in: High-level structured programming languages (e.g., C, C++, BASIC, etc.); 1 or more comm. protocols (E.g., UART, SPI, I2C, Ethernet); Matlab (for basic digital signal processing (E.g., digital filter, FFT, correlation) on acoustic signals).



Please submit resume & cover letter to Yong Ma, Chief Operating Officer, Aquatic Sensor Network Technology, 1244 Storrs Rd. Suite B-E, Storrs, CT 06826; Ref 2014-00676