Designed for high performance in challenging subsea environments, the OFDM acoustic modem family from AquaSeNT provides reliable underwater data communications.

OFDM, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, is a technique first put in to practical use in the telecommunications industry.  Its chief advantages are due the longer time duration afforded to each data packet transmitted, and its ability to pack data more densely across the frequency band than in traditional techniques.  And these characteristics translate to more robust data reception at higher data transmission rates.  Successful development of this technology led to the rapid adoption of OFDM in wireless communication and is the backbone of Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 4G LTE.

AquaSeNT started with the OFDM technique from the radio domain and tailored it for underwater communications.  Special multi-channel algorithms were developed and high speed digital signal processing and filtering techniques were optimized to guarantee performance in shifting sea states.  With the addition of higher level processing power and the SeaLinx networking software suite, users can build high performance, reliable, Subsea Acoustic Wi-Fi networks optimized specifically for their applications. 

AquaSeNT’s OFDM acoustic modem is currently offered in three configurations: a shallow water (200 meter) PVC housing, a deep water (2000 meter) aluminum housing, and in an optional housing / configuration for AUV applications.   A number of transducers can be paired with this modem to optimize the system for various water depths and communication orientation.  Please contact us with specific requirements. 

Links to specification sheets for our current products are below:

AM-OFDM-13A:  designed for shallow water (200 meters), oceanographic and research applications, this unit uses a polymer PVC housing that discourages biofouling.


AM-D2000:   for deep water applications with a aluminum housing rated to 2000 meters, and uses a depth-rated transducer designed primarily for vertical communication channels.


AM-AUV AquaSeNT’s OFDM modem designed for autonomous underwater vehicle applications.